Joletta Belton, a chronic pain blogger (

Joletta recently attended our DNM course in Boulder, CO. Although Joletta is not a manual therapist she attended our courses out of curiosity for the sake of learning. Joletta is quite the student as she first received her BA in psychology, followed with a stint in a PhD program in bio-psychology/neuroscience where her research focus was on memory, attention and pain. She left the graduate program to follow through with her childhood dream of becoming a firefighter and in doing so also became a paramedic. Yes, you read that right, Jo's a bad-mama-jama. After she was forced into medical retirement from an on-the-job injury she returned to school and received a masters in Kinesiology with an emphasis in sport and exercise psychology. Besides being a well-known blogger she also trains competitive athletes with disables. Here's Jo's review of our course. Blog post

Minki Kim, Structural Integrator
"It's really crazy how I haven't felt this inspired from a traditional structural integration session ever. It just makes the most sense. I now have a more concrete, scientific explanation to why my therapeutic approach is effective and when it's not."

Tania Velasquez, LMT and blogger

"Thanks for a great week. You're a bad-ass instructor (both of you). Clear, natural, and unassuming. You made it an "us" thing with the group versus a "me" thing, which made it snug and fun and a joy to be receptive. The execution and landing of the material was a 10!"
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Anna Timmons, Certified Rolfer

"After a few days since the class I've had a chance to put the Dermoneuormodulating class in my hands and in my brain. My sessions with clients have been incredibly juicy, fresh and clear. Rey’s generosity in this work is a breath of fresh air. He is clear and comprehensive, not magical but practical. He's authentic and intentional. His hands convey nothing but soft, sweet safety and full-on yes-ciception. That contact right there (as a demo) was worth every penny! Truth be told, it's simple. It's refreshing. It's sincere. Everything in my being says yes, this is what is happening, this explains what we are doing and this is what feels good. The safety, security, assurance that gets created when we provide input to a client's system is where the work works. Teaming up with Michael Polon made the class even more dynamic and complete. They complement each other well by broadening the history/experience and keep each other on track. Their lack of complicating the work, making a labyrinth out of the story and creating an appearance of ooo's and ahhh's strips it down to the nuts and bolts. This class, Dermoneuromodulating, is putting what we are already doing under the microscope. It helps to further explain 'what' we are doing and 'how' it works."

Cory Nakasue, Pilates Instructor and blogger

"Michael Polon and Rey Allen have done something very impressive in their teaching of the DermoNeuroModualtion Advanced Course. They have managed to teach the hard science of neurobiology and pain science and integrate it with the poetry of being alive in a human body. They also managed to take the science and ground it in practical approaches to working with clients who have complex needs. As a participant, I’ve been able to use what I’ve learned in every aspect of my business, from marketing my services, to more specific applications of touch during a session. Perhaps the most special thing about Rey and Michael as educators is their willingness to challenge everything, and everyone, including themselves. Courageous and rigorous thinking during a time when it’s most needed.”
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Gerald Basile, LMT -16 yrs, Structural Integrator

"Thank you Rey Allen and Michael Polon for putting together a wonderful class. Very enlightening and packed with so much information. One of the best classes' I've taken. The information will take time to digest and integrate but it will help me and my clients now and into the future! Highly recommend to any SI or LMTs. Understand the truth behind the biomechanical model and some facts of manual therapy!"


William Kaye, Certified Advanced Rolfer of 40 yrs

"I really want to compliment you on what you guys were able to accomplish in these last four days. There was certainly a huge amount of material in terms of the number of ideas you offered and the way they were backed up with references. That alone would be enough to make the class worth while, but for me there was much more that was presented which was far far more valuable. It had a logic that built on itself. Each idea followed a rational progression. Even more important was the feeling of safety and freedom that comes with this kind of honesty. Getting rid of fallacies is a relief. False narratives (either believed or simply parroted) don't give anyone safety or peace. Saying honestly what we don't know and admitting what is fiction is pay dirt in every way. Saying clearly why what we do works is pure clean air. The way you demonstrated how you use your hands was also helpful. Without a doubt this class has been one of the most transformative experiences I have had recently. Thanks Rey. Along with being able to say I actually trained with Ida Rolf I can now say "I was in Rey Allen's first class"."

Stephanie Netter, Physical Therapist

"Rey, excellently, presented the most up to date research based information regarding a paradigm shift for manual therapy practitioners that hits the spot. Rey's use of questioning our history and views of how, what and why we are treating our patients/clients. Not only does Rey present evidence-based research, but goes further to explain our first developmental sense of touch. Rey addressed pain with a complete explanation of the physiology and the biopsychosocial model. Overall, the lecture portion was a fantastic view of cutting edge research and thinking necessary for any body worker and manual therapist.

Michael provided a truly wonderful and palpable review of the Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of how we send and receive information through our nervous system. He has an excellent way of making the complex nervous system attainable in his fabulous teaching style.

 Overall, I would recommend this class to any manual therapy practitioner and body worker as it demonstrated to me over and over the importance of changing with the present time and looking at DNM as a direct expression of how we need to open our view and make a true shift in thinking for the betterment of treating pain as it relates to our functioning."

Rachel Felson, Certified Rolfer

"I attended DNM last week & want to share that it has helped me make sense of all the other CE classes I've taken thus far. Diane Jacobs is a genius & this work is a beautiful way of understanding how we are physiologically affecting our client's nervous system. My sessions this week have been profound. Taking the biopsychosocial model into my practice in a deeper way than ever before is allowing me to work more Holistically. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Rey Allen & Michael Polon!"