DNM Practitioner
Certified Advanced Rolfer
Pain Educator

1995 Licensed MT
2002 Certified Rolfer
2008 Certified Advanced Rolfer
2015 Certified Hypnotherapist

I started my career in manual therapy over two decades ago, graduating from the Institute of Natural Healing Sciences in 1995, and in 2002 from The European Rolfing Associated. While maintaining a private practice in New York City, I completed my studies in Munich, Germany 2010 to become a Certified Advanced Rolfer. I have assisted respected teachers in the field with numerous advanced manual therapy courses. Since 2012, I have been studying pain science with the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute, and in 2015 started an online study group, Explaining Pain Science, to further this exploration and mentor others. In 2013, I began studying Dermoneuromodulating (DNM), educating therapist on the implications of modern understanding of pain and how best to integrate the evidence into practice. In 2015, I furthered my studies in placebo effects by becoming certified in hypnotherapy. As of 2017, I relocated to Fort Worth, Texas to attend college in order to study behavioral psychology. 

Facebook pages I moderate:
Touch Science
Explaining Pain Science
Placebo in Manual Therapy

Society of SI & Science
DermoNeuroModulating and Structural Integration