DNM is a systems-thinking approach that strengthens practitioners’ reasoning skills to better strategize treatment and develop effective therapeutic relationships. As an up-to-date explanatory model and practice viewed through a biopsychosocial framework, DNM is congruent with pain science and thus applicable in working with people in pain.

DNM—a hands-on interactive approach—considers the nervous system of the client from skin cell to sense of self. Ranging from light to deep, hand-holds are slow, intelligent, responsive, and effective. This class is appropriate for practitioners of all disciplines and levels of experience in movement and manual therapy.

In this class, we will examine how and why manual therapies create change, from profound, to modest, to none at all. We’ll weave together clinical observations and the myriad of convergent evidence from fields like touch science and pain physiology. We will also discuss deeply held beliefs in manual and movement therapies that limit our clients/patients' long-term self-efficacy.

"If you can't explain pain, don't bother with beauty or love or consciousness"
-Patrick Wall